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It's yours, Morgan. Jessie:Look,I completely understand how Taylor feels.When my dad was stationed overseas I missed him so much. Luke:(runs to Jessie)Jessie,I've been thinking. Tony:Oh,but why didn't you just ask me to play me? Jessie:So did I. Taylor:Ohthat's nice,but I really don't want you to go to any trouble. She's mean, but she's not an idiot! Jessie: (takes the flowers and puts them in a vase)we don't have a date. (Everyone claps for her). Jessie:Wow,you really don't want to do your homework. Jessie Thomson . Jessie:(turns back to Emma)Hmm? Luke: I wouldn't go in there if I were you! This was a designer dress! (pause) Get dressed! Luke:What's to know? The children are laughing.). Jessie: (reading)we're running away because we hate you Bertram: I read between the lines. Jessie:(stands up)Hey,look,I know I've been really stressed out lately,and I'm sorry if I've been a little too harsh on you. (scene changes to park,bus leaves in 21:30). Maybelle just texted me,and Justin asked her to the carnival,but his sister used to date the cousin of Blake's ex-girlfriend's dog-walker,so if Maybelle says yes to Justin,and I say yes to Blake,this could get complicated! The Incredibles/Transcript. Double digits! Zuri:Sure,but take Jessie's. Here you can find all of the pages involving this category! I was about to order that juicer! repeatedly). Are you writing this down? (ZURI closes the door and drags JESSIE to the next house with RAVI) ZURI- Jessie, you need to calm down!!! Jessie:It's for you and Taylor. (crosses her legs). Jessie: Why? Taylor:Yeah,I don't really know this song. Jessie:Oh,my gosh! You may have the moves,but I have the power of words! Jessie:Whoa,that is a giant pro! Jessie: Kids,hurry up! Wait here, the parents will be home soon to interview you. Emma:They're here to see who wins the mascot job,since they'll be spending so much time with him. Zuri: Last time I pick a nanny up out of the gutter! Luke: Dibs on sitting next to Jessie! Jessie: I came to tell you how much Emma wants you to be at her science fair. Oh no. Zuri;Oh,no! Coach Penny:(scoffs) Why does everything at this school always have to be about the students? Yes,we can! But first,smile! Jessie:Hey,they gave out free drill bits and stud finders! (Emma walks in, holding a plate of food and her phone) From now on, we're all going to have dinner together Emma: Eww, no, I can't eat and look at Luke at the same time! (hugs the cheerleaders). Jessie:Why,thank you. You've got it all over you. Jessie:I can't imagine why! If my school needs spirit they can count on me! Zuri,try to keep up. Neo Fighters: Marah Origins (The scene opens up to morning in the city of Marah, where inside a certain dance school, Atefeh is seen sitting up after a good nights sleep) Atefeh: *Stretches* Mmm! I remember those performers made me feel like I could do anything. Toy Story Jessie Toys, Disney Pixar Kids Toy Story Toys & Hobbies, Pixar Jessie Toy Story Cartoon & TV Character Action Figures, Zuri:I'm finished,no thanks to you! Look,if I'm going to get this film ready for the contest,I have to get this scene where Tony and I kiss in the teacup! Luke: Yeah, Ravi's giant, razor-toothed lizard. was a puppet. Potato Head. Jessie:Now is the time to blow that whistle! Right. She's much better behaved at home. (continues walking to the kitchen), Bertram:Everything you shot! Free shipping for many products! (about to kiss Tony hard), Tony:I'm sorry,Jessie,you'll just have to finish your movie without me. (Kids laughing) It was the chair! (points to eye). Zuri:And when he eats that,he'll make you another one! By the way,terrible vacation idea. OK,can we finally get the first shot! Jessie: (Sarcastically) Oh! That's it! Oh,Toby-. June 30, 2022 . Bertram:Sure,anything for her! Jessie:(looks at Luke)Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This is high school! Jessie: No,no,no,no. Zuri:I had to stop hula-hooping. Ravi:Ooh,how exciting! Bertram:Oh,so then you can fail 3 times! Films Transcripts. (Scene changes, to the living room with only Jessie and Bertram in it). Zuri:I don't know who this Zuni character is,but I find the scene where she happily finishes her homework totally unbelievable.(nods). Besides,I don't have anything to wear! But I don't even know your name! Tony:You mean during the filming,or while we were dating? And since I can't afford a cab,I'm just going to run and fall. (walks away). (grunts and looks up) Is anything growing? Jessie:Nonono,it's a stainless steel pull-up bar! (Hip-hop music plays,Ravi goes on the stage), (Ravi dancing,Jessie coaches,Coach Penny paying attention), (Coach Penny realizes that Jessie is coaching). The First Lady is getting our party started! (pushes mask). Jessie:Because this error message says "Please enter a password." Taylor:(embarrassed) No,it doesn't. Jessie:I wasn't coaching. Jessie:So,I signed up for a short film competition called Quick Flicks. That's not very sanitary! 11. (eats sample)(muffled)Happy now? Morgan: (To Christina) Wow, that extra is fantastic! (JESSIE knocks on te next door and LADY 2 opens it) ZURI- Mrs. Wiener? (walks to living room)Zuri,are you rea-uh-oh. Jessie: Help! Who's ready for the big pep rally? The snow was high,the morale was low-. Bertram:That's what I thought when I read your script. A blue comet speeds towards Planet Z. Ooh,do I have enough glitter? Jessie:You don't know Reveille? Luke:Oh,now I see why they call it a "Boom".(chuckles). Jessie:So even though I set out to shoot a movie about romance, (Luke throws football to Zuri while Jessie holds her,Zuri catches,Jessie,Luke,Emma,and Bertram applaud and cheer). (walks away, looks weirdly). Jessie:Well,if that's the spinach,then what's in the spinach frittata? I'm so sorry. Transcripts - Forever Dreaming. Emma:Jessie,I don't know what to do! Jessie:Zuri,I'm trying to shoot a love story! Tony:Sorry,but re-living out relationship is making me feel kind of uncomfortable. Jessie:Oh,thanks,Emma,but I want to wear the exact outfit I had on when I went on my first date with Tony. Jessie:(points to squirrel,chuckles)Unless that squirrel over there wants to try out for mascot,it looks like you're the only one who showed up. (sighs)I guess I'll just have to go out with the super-hunk instead. Zuri: (takes one of Jessies bras)and Im guessing this is yours? Luke:I'm not going to overreact,I'm going to panic! What did she do? Emma: I guess that's a no. Emma:I don't care who wins. Jessie:finding this family is the greatest love story I could ever tell. Jessie:You know,Ravi,I could coach you in the fine art of mascot-ary. (Tries to take it from Luke), Luke: I'll show you a moon! At the same time, they both say "you're fired" to Jessie) What! . (Morgan laughs, and leads the group out and back home. I'll be lucky to get to school before 7th period. Isgho Votre ducation notre priorit . You just made the first cut! Jessie:(to Ravi)OK. Just remember the routine we practiced. (puts hand out)I spent 2 hours trying to explain to him that E.T. Are You Cooler Than a Fifth Grader? Zuri:So,how exactly do you play Bugle Hero? You wouldn't know a latrine from a hole in the ground,which sometimes it is. Get it? (She flips a switch on the proje'ct and it glows and turns.) s01e11 - Take the A-Train. (Stands) I came to New York to follow my dreams, cause this is where dreams come true! You're hired! Did she say anything before she left? Bertram,that gives me a great idea! Ravi:(watch beeping)The five minutes are up. (Grabs Zuri and Ravi, and Luke follows them. Luke:He's not getting his face back until I get the rest of mine! Jessie:On the bright side,he'll have friends! It's what my dad got me for my sweet sixteen! Man: Alright, extras come over here and act dead! Jessie:Thank you so much for rescuing me from Dr.Dastardly's volcano lair. I'm sorry I upset Mr. Kipling, so, I made him some chicken-fried crickets! Bertram: I have no idea, but I say 'well done!'. I can't believe I had to do my homework all by myself! (Luke is hit with a pillow, while Jessie turns to speak with Zuri.) In fact, that's it! Contestants have just 24 hours to write,shoot,and star in a film! Jessie: That was rude! Jessie:That's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen! Zuri: Bye, nanny! Emma:I'm busy! Run around,flail your arms,and try not to fall down. ), (audience cheers indifferently(totes lame)). Let's just skip to the kissing scene,we're running out of time! Jessie:I don't know what's worse,the deafening noise or the spray of spit. Emma:Oh,and sometimes the sparkle from his smile can get a little blinding. Again! Scene: Elevator to the Rosses apartment opens showing Jessie pulled along by Zuri. Screams are heard, of the Ross children fighting with eachother and Jessie chokes and coughs.). So I couldn't board the plane with four ounces of shampoo but he gets to carry on a velociraptor! (laughs with Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri), (Time changes to night, scene changes to living room), (Bertram walks in while holding a flowerpot). Menu. My Creative Memes. Bertram:You're going to quit showbiz and move back to Texas? (wipes face). (dumps out spinach)Wait,these aren't my leaves! But I would just make one small change. Ravi:Am I to assume I will play the role of Duke,the suave ladies' man? (walks to the elevator), Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year. Jessie: OK,after my whole hot dog debacle, I realized I needed to do something to take my career to the next level. She later becomes Buzz Lightyear 's girlfriend. The screenplay was written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, based on a story by Lasseter, Pete Docter, Stanton and Joe Ranft. Jessie:Yeah,OK. Davidwalker30 5 November 2021 User blog:Davidwalker30. Jessie:Guys,knock it off! But thank you for staying up all night to help fix what Luke broke Jessie: Oh, guys, your lunches! (Atefeh walks off as the scene shows her splashing water in her face. We only have 29 minutes! Man I need that. Thank you, Jessie, for your excellent tutelage! Isn't this nice? Emma:Oh,I am so not ready. Bertram:(serves a cup)One frittata smoothie. (sighs)Sorry,Jessie,Chantal,whoever you are. Jessie:Emma,do I need to remind you that you are one tardy away from being suspended? Luke:Do I have some of that goop left on my face? Emma: How can I pick an outfit when I haven't picked a date? Which I find to be kinda counter-intuitive. gemini and scorpio parents gabi wilson net worth 2021. disney jessie transcripts. You want your mom there when you enter double digits. (main cast dressed as Indians dancing to Indian music), (dance ends when the cast put their hands up and look up). Two different guys just asked me to the Walden carnival this afternoon! Michelle:Oh,I'm so sorry Zuri,but I'm gonna have to call you back. Ravi:Luke,please do not break the mask! (elevator doors closing)(screams in the elevator), (Luke,Emma,Ravi and Zuri move their shoulders up and leave while smiling), Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year. ), (The door opens with Jessie in a costume. (rubs skin). Zuri:It is. Jessie:Zuri,this is how you were dressed when we met! Problem solved! Zuri:(moves marker away)You can't pull that off. Jessie:I know,that's why Bertram's taking you to the park! Michelle:Sorry Jessie,but I just can't hang your headshots in the White House. (reads letter)My film got accepted! Help, Ravi, help! Pull harder! (Mr. Kipling leaves the kitchen.) (pulls mask with spatula,grunts), Bertram:Hey,hey,wait! Jessie:Oh,sorry. You're all eating my homework! Christina: Okay, Daddy and I will be back tomorow in time for your science fair, but first we have to fly to the set of Galactapus 2. And so beautiful! Tony runs over to Jessie.). Zuri: You should've given me that advice a week ago! (Jessie accidently hits Luke's microphone). That would greatly increase my odds of winning! Luke:I can't believe you finished that whole thing in just 24 hours! Jessie:I know,that's why Bertram's taking you to the park! Zuri:Jessie,you gotta stop recruiting me and Taylor for you weird military games. Ravi,is the water effect ready? Michelle:Oh,if I told you that,it wouldn't be called the Secret Service. Luke:He took the words right out of my mouth! (Everyone stares at Luke), Jessie: Ravi, time for dinner! Jessie :I had nothing to work with! Zuri Ross, that's it. They have these giant leaf holders there called trees! Zuri:Yep. (Christina and Morgan look at eachother. Zuri: (Sarcastically) Yeah. Am I getting warm? And look, the H in 'hick' is backwards! Then suddenly, they zip me into this get-up and I'm standing on the street, trying to get people to eat at "Dan's Diggity Dog Delight"! Oh,no! Jessie: Wha, did you stay up all night watching movies again? Tony:No,I'm talking to you,Jessie. Jessie: (While looking through her purse) Wait, my wallet's gone! (walks up the stars), Jessie:Stay calm,stay calm. (points to line). Luke:What's to know? Jessie:Emma,just pick one! And remember, corpses, don't smile at the camera! Ravi:No,please! Now,get into position and no more biting! Search metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search radio transcripts Search archived web sites Advanced Search. Michael said I was taking too long,so he asked out Maybelle! Or any other studio! I am sick and tired of this! Jessie:Yeah,I can see how annoying that might be! I promised myself I wouldn't yell! Seriously,you have the memory of a goldfish! Jessie:Are you kidding? I put stuff off until the last minute, and you do it for me! LADY 2- Zuri? sugar leaves turning purple; michael phelps cousins; beautiful smile in portuguese; michelle ritter eric schmidt; goodwill employee handbook illinois; houses for rent in pa no credit check; boston marathon 2023 qualifying window; rick stein's mediterranean escapes recipes; (scene changes to in the kitchen. Zuri:Really? (Stops at the stairs) And to think, you coulda had all this! Jessie:You know,Ravi,I could coach you in the fine art of mascot-ary. I'm not gonna rick my moneymaker! Jessie: (walks into the kitchen) Nothing on the table, nothing on the stove, you might be taking this "light breakfast" concept a little far! Nice velociraptor(Screams, while going through tubes to escape Mr. Kipling) Help! Emma:I still haven't decided who to go out with! I better go get Tony a copy of the script. At school,everyone judges you by how you look! Enough, Mrs. Kipling, I am sick of your moody behavior! With Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar. (walks away). Pretzels with hot mustard,turkey schnitzel,and sauerkraut balls. Jessie:Hey,well it worked,but it says the food won't be here for 25 minutes,so can you please grab us breakfast at the deli? Do it! Jessie:Way ahead of you. Jessie Again!/Trailer transcripts K Kermit's 50th Anniversary (2005 Trailer) L Lady and the Tramp (1998 VHS Trailers) Lady and the Tramp (2006 50th Anniversary Edition DVD Trailers) Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (Trailers) Lilo & Stitch (Soundtrack Promo) M Mickey and the roadster racers 2 the power of two/Trailer transcripts (takes collar off)This stupid collar was supposed to be good for 3 months! Like a caveman? It's too strong to be broken. Jessie:But sometimes you find love in placed that you least expect it. I'm getting a crowbar. (rubs legs) Back in a minute! (He starts to turn, Emma pushes Luke onto Jessie, and Zuri stands), (Emma crawls over Jessie to get to Luke, Ravi does the same. Luke:Me neither! My true love,the sheriff,will save me! You don't wanna wake him up. (With Ravi) Yes! They might look just a little out of place in between the portraits of Washington and Lincoln. And the winner is (A part of Emma's project falls off. It stretches over any distance. Tony,for the 10th time,the line is "A full moon". Jessie: Wait, dont you wanna ask me anymore questions? Jessie:My problem is that I'm going to be unemployed if you guys don't stop goofing around. Jessie:How 'bout doing your assignments on time from now on? Bertram: If she doesnt poop on the floor, its fine with me. All of our classes are canceled! Michelle:Uh,of course I am. Jessie:Just think back to how in love we were at this incredibly sweet,romantic moment. Jessie (Debbie Ryan) and Emma (Peyton List) compete for cute actor Jordan's attention! Luke:(throws cotton)(feels mask)Is this glue on my face? Andy, wearing a cowboy hat himself, picks up Woody off the floor. Jessie:Please. (episode begins in the penthouse kitchen). Ravi:Perhaps dressing up like a giant wasp and cheering for our sports team will be my ticket to popularity. Zuri:Well,you should've woken up earlier! Jessie is a Disney Channel original situation comedy, which debuted on September 30, 2011 and ended on October 16, 2015 after four seasons. Bertram: I was going to sign it too but the penis so far away (Scene changes to in the lobby of the Fairfield. I will pop this off in a jiffy! Tony: Too bad you can't fly a helicopter Jessie: Yeah! Run around,flail your arms,and try not to fall down. Jessie:Why didn't they tell you that sooner? Bertram:It's not the movie,I just wasted 20 bucks on an "At Least You Tried" card! Emma:Don't worry,I got this. Now,hold still and let her return you to normal! Jessie:Don't worry,Luke. Luke:(gasps,throws gear)Me! I just don't feel comfortable kissing you, now that we're broken up. Luke:Hey,look! (Emma,Luke,Ravi and Zuri using their phones). Jessie: You didn't do it? Zuri: I cannot tell a lieyour performance stunk! Zuri:That's because no one else is playing. Jessie:You'll get through this. Bertram:I guess I really did submit that order 30 times! Now can I go upstairs and finish my science project? Emma: Hi! Zuri:Jessie,this is a disaster! Jessie: Now get up there,get dressed,and bring me back one of those big soft pretzels! Jessie:(scared)Actually,it's what you don't have on your face! (The kids scream with joy) Oh, maybe we better go let that Ewok out of the toy chestlet's go! Emma:What? He also taught me how to survive in the desert with nothing but a toothpick and a bobbypin Tony: Really? Zuri:I don't wear tutu's anymore! But it's such a waste. Luke:"Uh-oh" what? Jessie: (hits Bertram with magazine) Bertram: Ow! Jessie:So,what did you guys think of my script? He then looks around, with the sound of Darth . I hope you're happy! Please Lord dont let me end up in TV Jessie: So, let's go celebrate with a nice, family dinner! Bertram:(takes a bag)The guy at the snack stand hadn't started cooking yet,so all I got was a bunch of ingredients. Hey! Why does everything happen to me? We need to shoot the scene where Chantal meets Toby. Ravi:So,who is going to play Toby,the handsome Jersey doorman you fall for? Jessie:Really? Jessie:At least we have 7 hours of peace and quiet before they get back. Is that a unit patch from Stuttgart Army Base in Germany? (holds pants and walks away). So is your mom stationed in New York now? Except this:Hey,Grandma,look! Zuri:I was talking about the fro-yo. (Screams) At least buy me dinner first! Emma:All right, Walden! (wipes off blood). On the con side,(turns page). ), (Scene changes to in the lobby with the Ross children, Jessie, and Tony.). Luke: No problem! Emma,you're the School Spirit Coordinator! Jessie:I'm not going to yell! Dousing people with water is my specialty! And not asking me to do their homework! (shakes spatula). Oh, you think this is funny! Zuri:OK,guess I won't be needing this then! Ravi:But the only other boy role is Tavi,the pathetic wretch whose only friend is a wizard! I hate whenever someone like Andy Curtain and Ugg Boots girl think they can make up a lie about Zac and then not respond to me and then Andy has the audacity to not allow me to comment on his posts. Tony:So,when do we start filming the sequel? If anybody eyeballs me, they're going in the hole! You,Luke, or this Donny Brook guy! Luke speaks to Jessie with his hand on her back)and maybe after dinner we could (Scene changes to in the kitchen of the Ross apartment. (Scene changes back to penthouse in the TV room). It's basically detention with snow cones! Ravi:I needed a model for my project,and you happened to be both nearby and unconscious. Alice in Wonderland (1951)/Transcript. Jessie:Where's a silver bullet when you need one? Jessie:Wait a minute,that shouldn't be on film! (Produces flowers from his tux). (pushes Ravi away)Where's Zuri? (shows her arms). Emma: But I need it for my solar system! Oh- That force is gravity! My grandma loves mashed potatoes,so do you mind of I take a few of these? And at least Mrs.K apologizes by leaving a rat at your door! Meanwhile, Luke (Cameron Boyce) and Zuri (Skai Jackson) prank call people in Jordan's phone! Jessie: I can't lose all of the kids on my first day! Luke:Jessie,I'm scared! Zuri:That's OK. We're really glad you decided to come. Ravi:Pretty girls are talking to me! Keep your tentacles to yourself, Galactopus! Jessie:Well,without the eyebrows,it was hard to tell! She takes a job as a nanny for a family of four who live in the world's most expensive penthouse on the Upper-West Side. The series was created and executive produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell and stars Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City and becomes a nanny to a high profile couple's four children played by Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar, and Skai Jackson. What's the babe squad doing here? Jessie:Angus the Armadillo. (Jessie looks at the screen and sees the Ross children climb into the helicopter) Oh, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad, this is bad! Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Sgt.Harris:Taylor! Our teachers do not like to be kept waiting! She sneaks by the stage crew and ends up onstage.). Do it! (Everyone claps for her). Only Luke is there), Luke: (knocking on Jessie's door)Hey, babe! Mrs.Harris:What,where? Emma:Soyou're not going to be able to make the science fair? Emma:Michael's pros are he's super-sweet,smart,and easy to talk to. My right eye refuses to open! I don't care what those judges said last year, I loved your glitter volcano! (laughs and hugs Taylor) Oh,sweetie,I've missed you so much! Jessie: Yeah, I've been try'na reach her parents all morning, but all I get is a voicemail. daily love horoscope astrolis, pluto in 1st house relationships, border patrol academy failure rate,

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