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I better head home. Chapter 4A: Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Lincoln finally begins to realize how much his sisters miss him, and how sad they feel about him being gone. However, a shadowy villain is b. It's Friday morning, and Lincoln is in his room, getting ready for an Ace Savvy convention at the comic book store. ", Ronnie Anne: "Huh? (kneels down and starts crying loudly), (Soon, Lynn starts to cry. I mean, remember when they locked me out of the house? Luna: Dudes! This is ridiculous! What should we do? When they arrive at the car park, the girls head inside the mall while Lincoln rushes to the comic book store). ", Lincoln: "Hmm. (On a side note, I was actually going to make Lincoln run away to Pop-Pop's instead, but changed it to where he runs way to the Santiago house because it wouldn't be so obvious to the sisters. "Or else you will die." Remember when I did all of those humiliating videos to make you all forgive me for what I did? tlh by Wolfzero1 150 34 4 Lincoln gulped, knowing he'd probably end up having to do something embarrassing or nasty. (All the girls laugh, as it cuts back to Lincoln in his room, putting on his normal clothes and throwing his Ace Savvy costume into the trash. It was me. Lincoln was in his room and he sighs. Now, the last time I tried to go to a convention, my sisters were acting very jerky towards me for 'clogging the toilet', but I'm sure that won't happen again. Hugging me and apologizing to me, won't make the pain in my heart and the thoughts you put into my head go away. Eventually, Lincoln comes up to a front door, and knocks on it. What if. Luan put her index finger in Luna's mouth so that she could quiet down and think. "It feels so good." ", Lincoln: "Hmm. When he tries to leave, the blanket is stuck on the bush. Lincoln: "Uh-uh. Even if we can't go to Gus' Games n' Grub, this would still be a good way to spend time together. Lincoln: Wait. ", Lincoln: "Alright then. And we even made Lincoln cry! Lincoln Loud is the oldest of the Loud siblings but at the age of 11 saw something he shouldn't have and runs away he returns 9 years later a changed man haven seen much of the world through . Lily loves the park. I just felt so (sniffs) so (Tears come down Lincoln's face, then Ronnie Anne comes out from behind Bobby and hugs Lincoln, tighter than she had ever done before). (spots them outside) Dang it! Why can't you girls do the same thing for me? Lynn Sr. walks towards them. #nickelodeon Where do we keep the chocolate syrup? Her friend asked calmly. Lincoln and Ronne Anne are angered by this. Lincoln: (laughs) Come on, let's get ready for bed. Lucy: Actually, I have a confession to make. ", Lincoln: "Uh, okay. ", Luna: "Yeah, bro. Lincoln: "Hey, Ronnie Anne. Lori: Leni, she's only a baby, she can't talk yet. Whatever Happened to Lincoln Loud? Ronnie Anne: "So, what should we do next? When we get home, you are in for a time out!". (Lincoln groans in frustration, as he walks downstairs while his sisters snicker at him. ", Lola: "How many kids do you want to have? So whaddya say pardner? That was even better than I thought! Lincoln: And then Sylvester Graham used the Kikoho technique to push the dragon off the cliff and into the ocean. Now Lincoln and Ronne Anne are alone with Lily. Eventually, they go into Lincoln's room and look around for him. But then, out of the bathroom, comes Lincoln. *Stands up and grabs Luna's collar and attempts to punch it while shaking in anger* Why? ", Ronnie Anne: "Yeah, it's not bad actually. [Lincoln takes out his smartphone, opens his browser and starts googling for the answer.]. (continues crying), (The girls continue to cry loudly, when Lily suddenly shows the girls the broken remote). He muttered and could feel his fsce getting redder. (The girls stop hugging Lincoln) Lincoln: First, I need to do something. It's just that nobody's noticed until now. They are 11 siblings in the Louds, here is the prediction of the future of the Loud family tree. ", Lincoln: "Whoa! It's not right to take things that isn't yours, okay? Lincoln puts Lily in the carriage and the three head back to the Loud House together. I mean, what if it will go wrong or somethin'? We've looked literally everywhere for Lincoln! Luna Angrily Yells at Him again and Slams The Door Behind Him Lincoln Just Bursts Into Tears. Luna: *Tries to catch up with the accent Luan is wearing* Aye mate! Lori: Oh come on! On the beach, the Unicorn magically revives Lincoln before departing for her forest. Loud House + Helluva Boss Crossover. Lynn Sr.: (appears behind the girls) Lincoln?! The pants went down first, then they stopped kissing to take off their shirts. If they don't, then I'm not going back home. Guess who's gonna spend time with us. "Ugh, fine. Lincoln looks at Lily. All I'm trying to say here is, I will forgive you all eventually, but I don't see that happening for quite a while. This would share similarities with Whatever Happened to Sponge Bob? [Lincoln sighs, ties his bindle shut, and walks out the door. She takes a spoonful of the food and brings it to Lily's face. Lincoln's Justice 25 parts Ongoing Mature After finally getting tired of Lori, Luan and Lynn constantly making his life miserable, Lincoln de. Luna: I know lil' dudette! Mumbled Ronnie Anne and she crossed her arms over her chest in annoyance. Luan: Well, what about Ronnie Anne? Ronnie Anne: Its one of Lincoln's Stupid sisters Ronnie Anne quickly tell Bobby the whole story about Lincoln running away from home. Seeing you two with Lily when we came in? Everyone else smiles at this. Lincoln asked. I want you to make up a new story! #maybelemon Characters from the Loud House/Casagrandes either shrink or grow in size. Lily really likes you. He wasn't hurt though, The others had searched for more of the family in the house, but they had evacuated. Glass shattered, structures crumpling, and mavericks everywhere. (The girls are inside, eating their breakfast). Is he here? "Join us", one of them said. lincoln. (to the viewer) This happened last year as well, and I thought I wouldn't be bothered again, but considering that they were being so smug to me, I feel very annoyed. . After Bobby turns off the chat, Lincoln comes up to him). ", Lincoln: "Check out what Lily and I made. Don't cry. Ronnie panted, "I'm glad you're enjoying it." ", Lincoln: "No mom, not at all. ", Luan: "Oh come on. Bobby: Bro, you got the waterworks. Lincoln: Listen to me girls, I may be home, but that doesn't mean I still forgive you for what happened. Lori: Yeah, after he's done with his little convention. ", The woman was shocked by what she heard. This greeting causes the mailman to get distracted, and a truck crashes into him. Lincoln turns his attention to Ronnie Anne. Ronnie! Lincoln: Dad! ", Lincoln: "We should change her diaper first.". #old Originally, I was going to make Lincoln forgive the sisters at the end, but I thought that would've seemed un-realistic considering all the hard time they gave him, so I changed to where he doesn't forgive them straight away. (meanwhile with the Loud siblings) Luna: He's gone, He is no more in our house anymore Ronnie Anne: *Shocked* WHAT??? It wasn't me! Lincoln: "Okay. Ronnie Anne: "Is there any sewing equipment here? My chance to be in the next Ace Savvy comic is finally coming to me! Lana: I've read all of those already. She mumbled and walked to the bathroom, slamming the door in behind her and sighing softly. Lincoln: "Oh, a challenge, huh? It's mashed peas. Truth or Dare?" ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO NICKELODEON AND VIACOM. Its okay if you don't! *Runs to Luna so that she can grab her again*. M'kay!" Luan: Luna! ", Ronnie Anne: "It's cool, I understand. He mistakenly gave Clyde carrot pie, causing him to get allergic. Bobby: Hey, it was no problem bro. Lincoln: "Silly Lily. Luna: You were the last one to use it before we left! 11-year-old Lincoln is in the middle of all of the chaos. The girl who was picking on Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, had just finished delivering the rock and the steak to the boy and was ready to leave. Lincoln sets Lily on the couch, walks upstairs and goes into Lori and Leni's room. The little boy appears from behind a bush. The Loud House (Lincoln Loud x Ronnie Anne Santiago) Fanfiction Boredom has taken over me and I was just reading a Loud House fanfiction so why not XD Ronnie Anne Santiago. Lisa: I think she's trying to tell us something. Ginrai Transforms Into His Truck Mode and The door opens To Lincoln to Get and He got in And Drove off with Lady amalthea inside Of the Truck But The Chase was Hair Razing But They Suddenly Crashed Into The Boardwalk As Cotten Candy and Food Went all Over Ginrai, Lincoln, Lady Amathea and His Family. Crackers are salty! Lincoln: Oh, hi there. Plus, I want to get to know Lily a little more. (Just as Luan says this, Lincoln stops walking, then turns around to the girls). + Ronnie Anne's POV + After looking for a bit, Leni has a nervous look on her face, then goes outside Lincoln's bedroom. Find out by reading this! The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. It just you and me." Lincoln then put his arms around her naked body. I'm still a kid myself. Lynn: Yeah! In this episode, Luna gets grounded by her parents for her obnoxiously loud music she plays 24/7, and becomes grumpy and impatient, so her siblings, after being sick and tired of it before that happened, try to help her become less insecure and angry, and also play quieter music. With his perennial enemies down and out Galvatron The decepiticons and Red Bullgloats at his fortress while celebrating with The Villans, As Ginrai,Lied dead In the sand where They crashed LandedLady Amalthea and Lincoln inthe tears of Dispar but somehow he came back alive Lady amalthea and Lincoln look and saw ginrai Coming out of the craterHe Steps Out of the crater He kneels Down He explained To Lincoln andLady amalthea That His Mission has failed all hope was lost when The loud Family Found Lincoln with Ginrai andLady amalthea They were very upset, Lynn Sr Asked What Happened To The Beach Lincoln Trying to Explaining to them About what was Going on So Lincoln tells Them About what The Situation Is But Created a Lie That Didn't Go Very well Indeed, Fed Up With Lincoln's Lies Lori angrily Tells Lincoln To Go to Vanzilla But Ginraiinterferes with The Loud Family Telling Them That He was The Only One To Help With The Misson But Rita Disaproves of this She Angrily complains to Lincoln That he Ruined Her makeup, Turned a Unicorn into a Human and The whole Beach is destroyed! Lincoln: Come on! Chapter 1: The Shopping Games It would be a calm warm summer day in Royal Woods; as Lincoln was watching a live special of the Shopping Games on his laptop. #ronnieanne Lana: I need something to wash it down with. (As Lincoln looks around to see everyone laughing at him, it was enough for him. Loud House: Divided 19 parts Ongoing Mature Lincoln Loud has ended up in the Hospital after the events of Brawl in the Family. All three of them start laughing. I made up this story after I watched episodes like It's A 4x Loud House and Sleuth or Consequences. Completed. (Leni goes to Lincoln's bedroom and knocks on his door), (Leni opens the door, and looks inside for Lincoln. You let Ronnie Anne find you.". Afterwords Lincoln wants to spend time with his friends and Family: however, he ends up upsetting them. Lori knocks on the door, and Bobby answers). I haven't seen him for days! My 2nd fanfic on the wiki. "Ronnie Anne?" Whaddye say ye walk the plank matey? It had been 5 days ever since Lincoln's dear good friend, Kathy Garrison passed away in an airplane accident in the summer time on her way back from Los Angeles, they had a super.This is a list of episodes in the fifth season of The Loud House, which was renewed by Nickelodeon on May 7, 2019 and consists . ! He mistakenly ruined the flour by running into Ronnie Anne when making a cake for Mrs. Agnes Johnson's birthday. LINKY!!! The odd one out. Lincoln: Bobby, thanks for letting me stay here for the past few days. The notice the blanket I ripped and glair at him. | The Loud House Nickelodeon 10.1M subscribers 563K views 2 years ago #Casagrandes #LoudHouse #Vlog On Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. "I'mgoing to the bathroom." *Sweats* *Sits in the couch*. Now that he is stranded in the Southern part of Chicago, with barely anyone to turn to, and the poli En la regin de johto, Lincoln Loud por culpa del orgullo de su hermana Lynn, fue rechazado por los Loud. They didn't really look like they were worried about me, they just looked like they wanted to find me so they wouldn't get into trouble. So I rushed into my tablet and wrote this chapter. She stuttered slightly and punched him in the shoulder. And if they do well, I'll figure something out. "Oh hey. What year would they be in the future? Lori: Don't be! Ronnie Anne Santiago. Ronnie Anne returned the glance silently and the two walked in without saying a word to each other. The storyline belongs to - To break the news to Ronnie Anne and Bobby, - To break the news to Clyde and his two fathers, - To get the letter for the younger ones from Rita Loud, their mom, - To guard Lincoln from everyone who gets in her way, especially Lincoln's bedroom, - Well, its simple To clean Lincoln's bedroom. The TV remote was broken, the toilet was clogged, and both of those incidents have something simillar. But seriously, Lily is in good hands. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne stop and turn their heads to see the nine sisters with wide smiles on their faces. After the song ends the duo ran offon their own. Be-because of them?! Ronnie Anne gives chase, nut after half a minute she lose him. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne exit the room and close the door. But seriously, don't think like that. Luan: Maybe he came back home while we were gone. What was I going to do again? Do you think she'll mind? Lana: I can't reach them! Ronnie Anne: Why you GET BACK HERE WITH MY ANSWER! They're cookies. Ginrai Turns Amalthea back into the Unicorn, but she is unwilling to leave Hiss side. ", Ronnie Anne: "Yes, Ronnie. Then, Lincoln's crotch bumped into Ronnie Anne's and they looked down at what had happened. ", Lincoln: "Well, Leni has some in her and Lori's room. Lincolns eyes went wide in disbelief. They sure didn't miss me then, so why would they miss me now? Where the heck is he?! #maverick Ronnie Anne moves the spoon close to Lily while making airplane sounds. Lincoln give Ronnie Anne the baby food and a spoon. The pants went down first, then they stopped kissing to take off their shirts. ], [Lincoln starts walking towards the front again, and just when he reaches for the doorknob]. Besides, they'll probably be happier without me anyway. Let's see what else there is? Lincoln gets so tired of his sisters that he decides to run away towards Los Angeles with his friends. ", Ronnie Anne: "It was no problem. Lincoln was put into a coma during the nsl incident where he meets kamen rider diend and is given his powers afterwards he takes Lily and runs away to canterlot where he. Lincoln: Uh, yeah, ask her yourself. Lincoln: They probably would've by now. The Loud House Future [Remake and Continuation]. Lori: (groans) He probably went to his creep friend's house. (Meanwhile, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are on the sofa watching TV). Being pushed, hated, and treated badly by my family is a fate worse than death. Lincoln tries to defend her, but is killed by the bull. "Lincoln. Luna: No, He ran away from us, He'll never be back again! The two hug again). He sat down at his desk and grabbed some paper to work on his next plan. Lisa: I believe there's a 90% chance that Lincoln will mess up at the convention. linda knievel died, adrian durham talksport net worth,

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